The Masters Of The Sexy Hotel

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The city is filled with sexy hotels where people go not just to sleep and change clothes, but to party. These venues – The Ace Hotel, The Soho Grand Hotel, The Hudson to name a few – are integral parts of the “scene” attracting stars, beautiful guests, and the city’s movers and shakers for cocktails and snacks. But this did not happen by accident; the masterminds behind them had visions for new spaces that would appeal to guests bored with bar-service at clubs and cramped VIP rooms.

During a brief stint working at Business Insider, a financial website, I profiled some of these entrepreneurs. I found that each of them was as much artist as businessman, creating stunning places where guests could lose themselves in their surroundings.

As Jason Pomeranc, the good-looking and somewhat mysterious co-owner of Thompson Hotels, told me in an interview: “I want people to check in our hotels and stay in our places and use our physicalities to be able to step outside themselves, and expose to themselves and people they are close to the other side of themselves and their intellectual arguments and the things they can’t be with every day.”

The Sexy Lives of Manhattan’s Hard-Partying Hotel Owners.


Venues With Magic Dust

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Hello world!  (Don’t you love the infinite possibilities that little phrase, given by wordpress, suggests?)

There are bars, restaurants, hotels, theaters, and clubs that rise above the rest. Some offer activities beyond their scope (bars with game rooms, hotels with popular lounges). Others unveil beautiful settings or unique menus. A few hold memories or secrets of the past that transform mere places into institutions.

New  York Magic Dust seeks out these venues. While above is a brief description of what it is looking for, it mostly relies, like the Supreme Court, on the notorious “I know it when I see it” technique.

This blog also looks at the faces behind the places – the entrepreneur, the patron, the chef, the wine-maker, the cocktail master, and the host. It asks:  Who are these people? And how did they cultivate such a brilliant idea?

As for me, a new resident of New York City, this blog is both personal and selfish. It is my mission to take advantage of the city’s captivating nights by finding the best places in which to linger.

Happy reading.